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LUUM Paddleboards

LUUM FLUX Double Quick Release SUP Waist Belt

LUUM FLUX Double Quick Release SUP Waist Belt

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Our new FLUX system (designed AND manufactured in Devon) heralds an evolution in the design of SUP Quick release waist leash belts.  AT LUUM we pride ourselves on small innovations that make big differences to the stand up paddleboarding community and nothing demonstrates this more than the launch of the FLUX system.

We are already very supportive of the championing of QR Waist Leash belts in the SUP community however the past focus on the flowing water conditions of rivers gives less coverage to how coastal exploration leads us into coves, caves, over sand bars, across estuaries mouths, through harbours and more, all of which can concentrate the force of tidal flow. With the added impact of waves and wakes from faster-moving boat traffic you can easily find yourself in more confined and hazardous environments where you may need to get away from your board quickly.

Our double quick-release buckle design delivers significant benefits and is flexible to all paddlers which is a guiding principle at LUUM;

- SIZING - the two part design means that the product can be entirely tailored to you without a destructive alteration to the main section. The main blue section is 56cm long buckle-to-buckle and the additional yellow length of webbing is 1.5 metres long meaning its smallest usable circumference is 26" and largest is 72".  By cutting, sealing and keeping the separate piece of belt, you can be assured of a perfect fit anytime you use Flux system - great if different family members go paddling at different times or your SUP club or centre uses the system.

- The rear loop for attaching your ankle leash will be centred on your back irrespective of your waist measurements (assuming you tailored it and feed equal amounts of webbing through each buckle!)

- in a situation where the belt needs to be released quickly there are two buckles so you have a secondary release point in the unlikely situation that your intended buckle does not release.

- the FLUX system is designed by us and manufactured in the UK - Registered Design Number 6199396

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LUUM® is a growing paddler-centric British SUP and Equipment brand.

We are based in Torbay, South Devon which is home to some of the best paddleboarding locations in the UK. With our varied coastline geology earning Torbay UNESCO Global Geopark Status we know how experiencing our world from the water can change your entire outlook on life.

Our products and designs are based on real-world experiences and learnings so we know that even the smallest of changes can make the biggest differences to your adventures on the water - by combining our design methodology with the high production quality offered by our overseas production partner and living our mission to reduce our environmental footprint by innovating with UK manufacturers we can confidently say we are here to stay!

We are a brand that earned solid industry recommendation within days and weeks of launch. You won't find our boards plastered with crazy jargon or in never-ending promotional deals - we focus on clean functional designs and gaining professional endorsement from industry and reviews. Both our boards and UK designed and manufactured Flux Double Quick Release Belt have impressed even the most well-known and experienced paddleboarders in the UK and we're quietly proud of that so feel free to shout about it for us!

In the meantime, take a look at our boards, watch some of the video reviews, ask us any questions we're here to help, but most importantly, stay safe and look after each other on the water!


We know it's hard to buy SUPs online so here's what we do to make it easier for you:

- you can email, call or message us via our google listing with any questions. Other customers have found that a phone call is best but it's your choice!

- we launched with and continue to have a tight range of boards to make it simpler for you to shop

- we don't do jargon, we try to keep things simple online and go into more depth if you require it

- we include any reviews on our ratings and reviews page and we have lots of feature from professionals from the world of SUP rather than influencers

- we offer a try before you buy service within a reasonable distance of Torbay, South Devon


For SUPs we use Parcelforce 48 service so allow two working days for your board to come. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get it the next day so keep your finger's crossed! All other products will have a small delivery charge attached. If you're in a pickle and live within a within a reasonable distance of Torbay give us a call as we may be able to add your order to our local deliveries for a same day service.