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We are a small British UK Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP brand doing BIG awesome stuff, but don't just take our word for it!

Our Supramar 11'8" beat 21 of the top UK and global brands to get #1 for stability in the SUPboardermag 22 board sup-touring head-to-head so whether you're looking for your first board or something stable to take on more challenging waters we've got you covered! Have a look at our paddleboard reviews for more information.

Our FLUX Double QR waist belt is the belt of choice for the legendary Brendon Prince's World Record Setting challenges as well as a number of other high profile instructors and SUP racers!We stock a premium range of paddleboards and equipment including childrens lifejackets for paddleboarding and savings on battery powered paddleboard pumps via our link to the outdoor master website (using LUUM10 at checkout) so if you're a paddleboarder looking for a SUP brand that's really going places, you've found it!


We love being a British paddleboard brand based in Torbay, South Devon. Torbay has UNESCO Geopark status so not only do our waters have a stunning and globally significant coastline for paddleboarding, but it's flanked by the River Dart and the River Teign with their estuaries at Dartmouth and Teignmouth - so we certainly know that the best paddleboarding spots in Torbay are the best UK paddleboarding spots - choosing where not to go is our biggest problem!


We don't blast you with bikini models or hunky men in boardshorts jumping off superyachts or out of money-can't-buy van conversions, we don't do gimmicks like Black Friday and we don't hype up our materials and constructions with fake names. We do answer your questions about paddleboarding when you phone us or email us to make sure you get the best paddleboard for your weight.


Checklists might seem over the top but preparing yourselves before you paddle will help keep you safer on the water. The safer you are, the more confident you can be to try out new skills and techniques! That's why we sell adult buoyancy aids for paddleboarding and also, we think, the best kids lifejacket. People also forget to ensure to protect their pets when they are paddleboarding with dogs. Our owner's manual contains comprehensive safety information, even if we do say so ourselves, but let's be honest, it's way more interesting to watch a few short videos, so whether you buy from us today or later, we ask that you check out this FREE SUP SAFE video series from


Our paddleboards are designed in the UK. We are proud to be a small but growing British company. Nearly all inflatable paddleboards are made in China. With the explosion in the demand for paddleboarding many factories that used to manufacture inflatable play equipment have jumped on the bandwagon. Our manufacturing partner is a dedicated paddleboard manufacturer which shows in the quality of our boards.

We us Double Fusion Dropstitch with either knitted or woven dropstitch base depending on the model. These make our boards stiffer and last longer. The folding US Fin box means you can order replacement paddleboard fins or fin screws from us or pick them up at any surfshop - it's almost impossible to break our finbox which is a common issue with standard straight finboxes. Front, middle and rear carry handles means you can share the load with friends. Extra bungees and fittings for action camera mounts mean you can tailor your set-up for longer journeys and a 1 year standard + 1 year registered warranty + a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to help you out with any issues after that gives you the confidence to buy in a market swamped with misleading marketing.


Maybe... If you've researched SUP Safety, already got your own buoyancy aid, had a proper lesson (with an instructor, not a friend who hasn't ever had a lesson either!) and understand the specific hazards of the location upon which you're paddling, then it's pretty much a yes... but we never advise anyone new to "unbox-and-go"!

Our package includes:

> Your Board with 1 Year standard + 1 Year registered warranty + lifetime support commitment

> High quality coiled ankle leash

> BRAVO SUPer Double-action Pump said by many to be the best on the market

> Touring fin for stability and straight-line tracking

> Comfortable and spacious back-pack (no-more squeezing your board into a tiny bag!)

> Tough Alloy Paddle (performance paddle upgrades available and we're bringing our own range in for 2023)

> Oh and an emergency repair kit and valve tool - but we recommend contacting us for advice on fixing any accidental damage. If we can't help we may refer you to our recommended paddleboard repair specialist - they have yet to receive any of our customers boards but have helped us when two of our demo fleet boards were mistreated!