Torbay Paddle Planner

Welcome to our Torbay Paddleboarding planner, a tool to better plan your paddle when you're visiting the best paddleboarding waters in the UK! live feed from




For the avoidance of doubt the decision to go onto the water remains your responsibility, but we have provided a number of links to help you check the conditions before you decide where to go!

General Guidance

1. Where you want to paddle and where it's safe to paddle are two very different things - You should dress for the water temperature and conditions and ensure you are kitted out appropriately - buoyancy aid, ankle leash or ideally quick release waist leash, whistle and a mobile phone in a waterproof case or a VHF radio

2. The wind in Torbay: If the wind arrows are pointing from the west to the east (left to right across the screen) then you will likely experience what are known as "offshore winds" - they blow off the shore and out to sea. They are a common cause of RNLI lifeboat rescues in the UK.

3. The tides in Torbay - It's not as simple as 'in-and-out' from the beach. The Bay is shaped like a squared-off letter 'C' so as the tide rises and falls currents are established as water in the bay move and interacts with the rising tide flowing past Berry Head (Brixham) towards Hope's Nose (Torquay) on it's way up the the English Channel. (and the reverse as it is falling).  Currents are less strong in the South-East corner between Fishcombe Cove and Goodrington beach and tend to move in the northern half of the Bay in a clockwise motion off Paignton and Torquay. Currents are stongest East of Brixham and at the two main headlands.  

4. The warm temperatures in Torbay are always welcome but can cause complacency and be a dangerous contributor to accidents. Warm sunshine does not equal warm water especially in early spring. Dress for the water not the air - and stay hydrated.

4. Beach webcams can give you a good benchmark of the overall sea conditions in Torbay but be aware that offshore winds can make the sea appear calm so always pay attention to the wind map and be prepared to change locations if it is not what you are expecting on arrival .

Launch locations in Torbay

Launching from the harbours in Torbay is a bit of a no-no from a safety perspective, however you can launch from nearby beaches with the benefit that you can plan your paddle so you do not need to cross a harbour mouth. More information is available from the Torbay Harbour Authority Paddleboard Guidance

Our preferred paddle locations are below. 

Town Beach Google Maps + Webcam links
Torquay Maidencombe Beach Map link
Steep steps down to beach, Paid Car Park, Café with toilet
Torquay Meadfoot Beach Map Link
Steep shingle beach, steep steps from paid car park, limited free on road parking, slipway access also steep steps to beach, Café, freshwater showers toilets
Torquay Abbey Sands Map Link
gently sloping sandy beach, freshwater shower, cafe, toilets 
Torquay Oddicombe Beach Map Link 
loooong steep road access, so use the Cliff Railway or drive down with free parking in the winter  Cafe, fresh water shower and toilet facilities. 
Torquay Babbacombe Beach Map Link
long very steep road access, can be accessed on foot from Oddicombe Beach, Pub
Torquay Anstey's Cove Map Link
short steep tarmac foot access or steps, rocky to open water
Torquay Livermead Sands Map Link 
Steep steps access, no facilities, Waterski lane
Torquay Roundham Head Beach Map Link
access on SUP from fairy cove or goodrington beach, risky to enter in bad weather
Torquay Institute Beach Map Link
Often closed due to cliff erosion, no facilities
Torquay Beacon Cove Map Link
Steep steps to pebble beach, rocky to open water (avoids harbour mouth for routes torward london bridge, meadfoot)
Preston Hollicombe Beach Map Link
Park on road and walk through park then under railway tunnel
Preston Preston Sands Map Link
sloping sandy beach, freshwater showers, cafes, good surf in an easterly wind
Paignton Paignton Beach Map Link
sloping sandy beach, freshwater showers, cafes, good surf in an easterly wind, nearby train to the river dart at Greenway and Kingswear
Paignton Fairy Cove Map Link
shingle beach, best at high tide as rocky to open water, avoids harbour mouth for routes towards goodrington sands
Paignton Goodrington Sands Map Link
sloping sandy beach, freshwater showers, cafes
Paignton Broadsands Beach Map Link 
sloping sandy beach, freshwater showers, cafes
Paignton Elberry Cove Map Link
SUP access from Broadsands Beach, pebble beach, insta-worthy paddleboarding photos with historic ruins of Lord Churston's waters edge building
Brixham Churston Cove Map Link
best accessed on SUP from Fishcombe Cove
Brixham Fishcombe Cove Map Link
steep tarmac foot access, avoids harbour mouth for routes towards broadsands beach
Brixham Brixham Breakwater Beach Map Link
Easy access from car park, avoids harbour mouth for routes towards Berry Head


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