10'6" MIRAMAR™ 320 SX-B

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All boards come with a full accessories package, 1 year standard warranty, 2 year extended warranty on registration and free UK delivery.

 Board Specification
10'6"  /  320cm
32"  /  81cm
4.72"  /  12cm  
Board Weight
233 litres
Max Weight


 Board Construction
Main Board
Woven Fusion Dropstitch
Airtight Double-Layer + Interstitial Tabs
Non-slip Diamond-Flush Grip EVA
Bungee Clusters
Screw Thread Action Mounts x1
Cargo D-Rings
x8 Stainless Steel  
Mooring D-ring [not for towing]
x1 Screw Mount D-Ring 
Leash D-Ring
1 standard D-Ring
Carry Handles
Front , Middle, Rear
Finbox Set-up
Hinged US Finbox system + 2x permanent sidebite fins


3 piece Alloy shaft with tough Nylon Blade
BRAVO SUPer 2 stage Pump
Fin type
9" US Allround Fin
10" Coiled Flatwater Leash
Padded and spacious with carry handles and cinching internal and external side straps


More than an allround paddleboard, Our 10'6" Miramar™ 320 SX-B  SX-B model is constructed to give you a board that is lightweight and rigid at only 4.72" thick. 

Not to be confused with single skin lightweight materials, we use dropstitch material that has a core of two layers of woven base layer fabric joined by x-stitched threads. Each layer is coated with a double fusion layer of PVC so it's still as tough as you'll need it to be.

Not content with just creating a lightweight board, we've also made it as easy for you to handle on and off the water as possible, weighing in at just under 9kg and with front, middle and rear carry handles + with the folding finbox the board easily packs down into a tight roll so you have room in your backpack for extra kit.

Rocks and shallow water lay in wait to damage your fins, so we supply a US 9" 'allround' fin that can be readily replaced off the shelf so you aren't locked into a fin system specific to our boards. You can also change the fin to a touring fin if you are looking for more stability and tracking on longer day trips.

To top it off we add small touches that make a big difference like the quick access bungee system for drinks, flipflops or a windproof, a kickpad for getting into step-back turns and screw-mounts for cameras and more.