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With our giftcards you are not just buying a product for someone, you are opening a gateway to a world of exploration on the water.  Whether you want to chip-in towards someone's board or equipment purchase, or generously buy them a board package outright, we should have the right giftcard amount for you.

Before you click buy - please note the FAQs / key terms and conditions below;

  • How do I receive the giftcards? Our giftcards are digital and will be emailed to you (the purchaser) once purchased. We chose this option as it's trackable, won't be lost in the post and can be easily found again if the recipient loses the code.  We're quite sure that forwarding the coupon email on, or printing it out and popping it into their Birthday, Christmas or Wedding card will bring a smile to their face!
  • Do I need to spend it all at once? If the giftcard amount matches the total order value (including shipping and taxes) then it will be fully redeemed.  If the giftcard amount is higher than the total order value then a remaining balance can be spent on another order. Order values in excess of the giftcard value are more then welcome, and just require an additional payment method.
  • Does a giftcard guarantee stock availability?..... Yes & No! Where product specific gift cards are purchased e.g. Supramar Giftcard for £649, we will reserve that board package for your giftcard recipient for at least two months, after that period the reserved stock will go into our general selling stock and availability is likely but not guaranteed.  As is the same with any store, the purchase of a gift card is not a guarantee of availability of the item you want.
  • How long is the giftcard valid for? Giftcards are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and are non-refundable. If you overshoot the expiry date a little or we are waiting for additional stock to come in to fulfill your order we may be able to be a little flexible, just give us a call!  
  • Can I get a refund on the giftcard? We don't offer refunds on gift cards.